Mar 18 – 22, 2019
Asia/Kolkata timezone
Celebrating the 90th year of Govind Swarup and the 1st year of the upgraded GMRT

The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) has recently undergone a major upgrade (the “uGMRT'' project) that has significantly improved its scientific capabilities, opening up a wide range of interesting science areas to the radio community. The first uGMRT results are now beginning to appear and the uGMRT will be formally opened in 2019. March 2019 will also mark the 90th birthday of Govind Swarup, who conceived of, and led, the original GMRT project. To celebrate both of these events, the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (NCRA-TIFR) will host an international conference on radio astronomy in Pune, India, over 18-22 March 2019.

There will be regular scientific talks and posters on four days, 18, 19, 20 and 22 March. March 21 will be a half-day session, beginning in the afternoon and focussed on low-frequency radio astronomy, the upgraded GMRT, and the contributions of Govind Swarup to the field. This will be followed by the conference dinner.

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National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Pune, India

Important: Please be careful about messages (both e-mail or phone calls) claiming to be representing the MWSKY-II organisers and asking for your credit card details to book the accommodation. We strongly recommend that you do NOT give such callers your credit card number, personal information, or any details about your hotel reservation. We will provide the details of the hotel(s) and instructions on booking the accommodation on this webpage.

Steps to register for the meeting:

1. Registration: Please fill the Registration Form, and also (if you like) submit an abstract for either a talk or a poster. Non-Indian participants should also enter their passport details (these are needed for us to get permission from the Indian government for participation in the conference). Also, we hope to have some funding support for participants; if you would like funding support, please do check this box and provide some justification for the support and also a rough estimate of how much funding you would need to enable you to attend the meeting.

The deadline for abstract submission is 22 November 2018.

The decision on submitted abstracts as well as requests for financial support will be communicated to participants by (roughly) 31 December 2018.

2. Accommodation: The accommodation links can be found on the "Logistics" page. Participants are requested to book their hotel rooms directly, using these links.

If accommodation support is being provided to a participant, the organizers will book the rooms on your behalf.

3. Fees: Registration Fees should be paid by 31 January 2019.